lunes, agosto 29, 2005

My love. Marlango.

My love is soft when he whispers
My love is tough when he cries
My love is small as a baby
My love shines like rain

My love walks like a soldier
My love holds like a girl
My love's voice is broken
My love's hands are soft and strong

I am as small as a snail
I am as soft as a drop
I am lost and crawl
But I'll climb
Only up to you

I am angry as thunder
I am strong as blood
I am as cloudy and clear as all the skies
That pass through your eyes

We'll be as happy as children
We'll be as jumpy as queens
We'll fight and fuss for hours
Only to rest in each other's arms
I wait for you

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At 1:55 p. m., Blogger Roger dice...

Hace un par de semanas entrevistamos a Marlango en Madrid. Aqui la version en ingles del show. Espero os guste...


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